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Innovative insurance upgrades

Enhancing your Manulife Insurance experience. 

With a focus on supporting your business, Manulife Insurance is rolling out significant service improvements on several fronts, including new digital tools, more content to share with your clients, underwriting advancements, and even more Vitality perks. 

Underwriting updates at Manulife Insurance 

Manulife’s underwriting team is breaking new ground on testing limits, which in turn will allow you to offer more flexibility on new cases. Accelerated underwriting is now available for life insurance applicants ages 18 to 50 for insurance amounts up to and including $5 million, which is an industry-leading limit for ages 40 to 50. This enhancement means that applicants may qualify for a fluid-free experience, which simplifies the application process. 

The following don’t routinely require fluid testing when applying for life insurance:

  • Ages 18 to 50, up to and including $5 million CAD
  • Ages 51 to 60, up to and including $1 million CAD

There are a few considerations to note. Applicants with certain medical histories, such as diabetes, require a more traditional underwriting path that includes testing. Certain applicants who haven’t had a medical physical in the last two years will also require biometric (blood, urine and vitals) testing. These include:

  • Ages 18 to 50, applying for more than $2 million CAD 
  • Ages 51 to 60, applying for more than $1 million CAD

Available rates are Healthstyle 3 or Healthstyle 5 (non-smoker or smoker) for these age and face amounts. 

As part of the regular application process, an Attending Physician Statement will still be obtained by the underwriting team when required. 

For more information, check out the following links available on Advisor Portal:

Increased reinsurance capacity

Additional supports are now available for advisors dealing in large case life insurance, with significant increases on reinsurance capacity limits. Access to additional capacity gives the underwriting team more options in making the best decisions to support your large case clients. Underwriting now has access to $270 million of capacity for Manulife Par and large capacity for other life products. Along with $30 million individual and $35 million joint last-to-die, Manulife is well positioned to make extremely competitive offers for your large case clients. 

Digital enhancements

The Manulife e-application tool keeps getting better, with more enhancements to support advisors doing business virtually. Long-form and entity (corporate) ownership for Manulife Universal Life (MUL)MUL are now available. Additional upgrades include:

  • Signer’s name now appears on both the initial DocuSign email and the DocuSign completion email
  • A unique password for the “Sign by email tracker” is easily created and viewable within the e-application
  • Product content is automatically built into the e-application, eliminating the need for a separate product page
  • The illustration automatically uploads when an e-application is started, and is electronically signed with the e-application, so a separate illustration is no longer required

For more information about electronic applications and other available supports, check out these videos in the E-Business Solutions section of Advisor Portal. 

Introducing Digital Desk  -  A new support service, the Digital Desk team is available by phone, email, or virtual chat to help advisors, marketing assistants and back-office staff navigate and improve their use of Manulife insurance tools and e-business solutions such as e-applications, e-delivery, and e-forms. Digital Desk is available during business hours Monday to Friday to answer your questions quickly, so you can keep your business moving.

Insurance 101 Hub - This new library of robust content can help you take your business to the next level. Access training videos on social media marketing techniques and browse the repository of social and email templates, images and videos about insurance products, the value of advice, claims and more, to help you reach your clients more effectively.


A new upgrade for Manulife’s Vitality program gives program members a significant 25 per cent discount on certain GoodLife Fitness membership plans. Plans range from Essential Zone C, offering basic access to strength and cardio equipment, right up to Performance, which includes yoga, squash courts, group fitness classes and a free towel service. There are no enrolment fees, and plan members have the option to add a friend to their account for the same discounted rate. Full details are available here.

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