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What’s #Trending in continuing education?

The evolution of CE credits.

It’s a fast-paced world, and continuous improvement is the name of the game.

Whether you’re a doctor, a mechanic or an advisor, staying current with skill sets and on top of trends means that making time for education is a must.

Every advisor in Canada is required to earn a certain number of continuing education (CE) credits annually to maintain their licences and designations. Attending accredited conferences and taking accredited courses not only keeps you in good standing with governing bodies, but also ensures that you’re equipped with the latest information to help clients with their investment and insurance needs.

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Learning formats

It’s now widely accepted that we each have unique ways of learning. Some of us need a solitary setting to really absorb information that is conveyed through a combination of words, pictures and speech – think interactive online presentations. Others learn best in a social setting with a dynamic presentation, like attending a conference with a riveting guest speaker.

Understanding the need to address different learning styles, the Manulife CE Centre is on its own journey of continuous improvement – making it easier for advisors to earn credits using the perfect format.

There’s something for everyone, and new material is being added all the time to our extensive library covering hundreds of topics accredited with up to 10 governing bodies,” says Wilma Duarte, Manager, Manulife CE Centre. “Course material is available in a variety of formats, from interactive gamification style to ‘in case you missed it’ recorded presentations. There are also self-directed PowerPoint presentations that advisors can access when it’s convenient for them.

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Instant rewards

You attended a presentation, and now might wait days or even weeks for a CE credit to be issued. That’s a pretty typical scenario for a lot of advisors. But digital advancements are rapidly transforming this waiting game. “We knew advisors were often frustrated waiting so long for CE credits to be issued after attending a presentation, and we wanted to create a better way,” says Duarte. After a bit of brainstorming, the Manulife CE Centre team was able to implement a simple solution.

“We created a new process that relies on a unique code for each presentation. Advisors then visit the CE Centre on Advisor Portal and enter this unique code. A certificate is then automatically generated. It’s a remarkable achievement,” says Duarte.

In the first year, the Continuing Education team issued more than 630 course codes enabling advisors to receive their certificates in minutes.

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CE refresh

Along with making it faster for advisors to receive CE credits for in-person presentations, the Manulife CE Centre is making it easier to find relevant course material online.

“Through the creation of a course catalogue, advisors can now easily scroll through the hundreds of courses on the CE Centre, but we wanted to go a step further and add even greater clarity,” says Duarte. The CE team introduced a section that groups related content, called “The Learning Series.” “Some topics, such as Compliance Best Practices, Insurance Sales Concepts, Estate Planning Tool Kit and In Case You Missed It, will have multiple courses. The Learning Series section simplifies the search process for content related to certain topics,” Duarte explains.

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Recently you may have heard about a new and engaging learning series launched by the Manulife CE Centre called #Trending, which takes learning into the fun world of interactive gamification. Six #Trending modules are scheduled for launch in 2020, covering topics that are literally trending in the industry, such as cannabis and diabetes. The first module is now available: “The Underwriting Story” breaks down complex underwriting topics.

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Stay tuned for more content

Continuing education credits may be a requirement, but they also show your clients that you are staying on top of industry trends and that you’re informed about important topics such as taxation, estate planning and retirement.

What’s next for the Manulife CE Centre? Watch for more interactive videos and podcasts. The popular Investments: Unplugged podcast series with Philip Petursson will be available with CE credits. In addition, a new video series called Manulife Presents… will feature many of Manulife’s sought-after presenters and experts.

To learn more, check out the CE Centre on Advisor Portal under Training.



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